"Ken Butler and his performance with the Golf Club Sitar --- is winner of the first place prize ..... his performance was the best and most engaging ..... he played a spectacular improvisation that, to the ear, seemed to transform his instrument into a sitar, a rock star’s guitar and a Baroque virtuoso’s fiddle ..... Butler’s improvisation was the most dazzling and truly musical performance we’d heard.

- Allan Kozinn, the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, 3/2016

Press quotes:

“… a ceaselessly inventive instrument builder, coaxed flashing lights and simple, throbbing melodies from his one-string “K-Board,” over which blew an extraordinary trumpet-like solo on a small strip of latex.”                               

- Steve Smith, The New York Times, 11/16/13


“Ken Butler’s work is enormously interesting, particularly his idea of recycling and giving voice to found objects.”                

- Laurence Libin, curator of musical instruments at The Metropolitan Museum, The New York Times, 6/12/94


"Returning to Celant’s show the next day, I caught Carnegie Museum architecture curator Ray Ryan speaking into Laurie Anderson’s altered, 1979 phone booth, and then lucked into a performance by Ken Butler, a New York sculptor who has made four hundred musical instruments out of found objects"

- Linda Yablonsky, Scene and Herd, ArtForum, at Art Or Sound in Venice, 6/16/14


“Ken Butler is a truly unique and forward-looking artist/madman/explorer of sonic possibilities. By making instruments out of every imaginable common-use item, he actually makes them sound great and has something to say on them."

- Bob Margolis, The Woodstock Times, 11/17/05


“One of music’s most ingenious and eccentric personalities.” 

- John Zorn, Tzadik records, 10/97


"Ken Butler is an astonishing performer who delivers fiery world-infused compositions not unlike a Hindu avatar coming to “burn the midnight lamp”.                                                       

- Glenn Max, Knitting Factory Press, 9/95


"Seeing Ken Butler live is an extraordinary experience.”          

- Nadja Sayej, Noisey Music blog/Vice Magazine, 12/18/13


“..a crazy instrument builder who can get virtuoso riffs from anything.”  

- Kyle Gann, The Village Voice, 12/29/92


“Mr. Butler’s performance at Aqua Art Miami …. was diverting, funny, and in the end, irresistible.”

- Mario Naves, The New York Observer, 12/18/06


“It’s not just that Ken Butler knows how to bow stringed parade rifles, play dental dams like trumpets, and construct keyboards from aluminum crutches, it’s that he knows how to play them well."  

- Neil Strauss, The Village Voice, 5/14/91


A Ken Butler performance is never less than unforgettable."      

- (C.M.) Flavorpill.net , 5/11/05


“…. inventiveness, chops, beauty, power and humor in a dazzling display of energetic virtuosity!  (In addition to the phenomenal instrument design!)"  

- Dave Lynch,  All Music Guide, 2/2/04


“Butler can play anything from umbrellas to power tools ...and, amazingly, he achieves more melodic lucidity than his instruments warrant.”

- Kyle Gann, The Village Voice, 9/10/96.

These impromptu instruments are sights in themselves.....exhibited in galleries...a multimedia spectacle ...video of insects and insect-like machines, synchronized to the millisecond with Mr. Butler’s riffs ... the wizrardry of his creations...”

- Alex Ross, The New York Times, 1/23/96.


“The Dr. Seuss of new music.”

- Kyle Gann, The Village Voice, 1/23/96.


“Object Opera is a fascinating conglomeration of indescribable visual complexity..........a riotous cosmos of layered light, sound, and motion.....a powerful sense of form...

- Andrea Gilbert, ARTI Art Today, 9/95.


...it’s keyboard can turn even someone with a tin ear into an instant musical genius.....the interactivity is exhilarating.” 

- Kim Levin, The Village Voice, 7/11/95.


"..musician-turned-Dada-sculptor--or is it the other way around?..”

- Kyle Gann, The Village Voice, 7/11/95.


“The show’s star instrument maker is Ken Butler...sculptor and experimental musician.”     

- Rita Reif, The New York Times, 6/12/94.


“Viewing the show is like a window into a brilliant brain …. as sculpture, these juxtapositions are immediate, entertaining and evocative ….. the work is, to its credit, immediately identifiable as solely his own.”

- Brian Libby, The Portland Oregonian, 5/4/07


“...astounded the audience with surprising momentum...the leading figure of a new generation of synaesthetic artists.”  

“..legendary builder of hybrid instruments....was able to draw astonishlng expressions of life from his instruments....virtuosically...a maestro of the visual arts..”    

- Wolf Kampmann, NZ/M Magazine, Berlin, 3/95, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, Germany, 12/9/94.

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