Blue Tech (Black), assemblage, 45x36x3, 2019

Blue Tech (Black), assemblage, 45x36x3, 2019

“At the Crossroads with Robert Johnson”, tryptych, assemblage painting, 96x144x8.5, 2018

“Piano Circus” interactive audio-visual keyboard, 65x80x34, 2018

T-Square Yardstick Cello, assemblage (variable), 90x60x3, 2018

“Exercise in Futility”, assemblage, 60x40x6, 2018

“Broom Windmill”, assemblage, 70x51x6, 2018

“Red Drum Circle”, assemblage, 60x40x2, 2018

Slingerland Orange Tech, 2016, 80 x 40 x 8, 


New Hybrids (2015-16): Big Coat Hanger Violin, Coat Hangers T-Square Guitar, Cubist Strat, Cubist White Plank Bass, Pizza Platter Yardstick Guitar, Yellow Mop Viola Plus,Motovator II, Big Clock Silver Crutch, Can Lid Guitar, Chessboard Guitar, Film Case Guitar, 2016, and Surfboard Guitar, 2-string Cello and Bass, (acoustically strong), and Broom, Cane, Snow Shovel, Driftwood Foam, and Sabre Violins, 2015-2016


'Hybrid Cubism, Centennial Tribute', assemblage, (most works around 40" x 30"), 2012 - 2014

Everything changed between 1912-1914: DuChamps Bicycle Wheel, The Armory Show, Einstein's Relativity, Freud's Psychoanalysis, Schoenberg and Stravinsky's riots, Diaghilev's Ballet Russe, Russolo's "Art of Noise" Manifesto, and Picasso and Braque's collage inventions, among many others. Incomparable stuff.


'Torso'', 60" x 40", assemblage/collage, (work-in-progress based on 1974 Diazo prints of torso x-ray/guitar body/transplant trauma), 2014

"Torso", short film, 4:28, 2016


'Expandable: Swiss-army-living-room', size variable up to 10' x 25' x 15', and 'Doorscape', 80 x 48, assemblage, 2013


'Modern Hammers', assemblage, 2013-2016